Wednesday, April 18, 2012

McCann Case : Bianca Jones - Father Charged With Murder WITHOUT A Body. 8 Year Old Has Testified Against Her Father.


Il’Andra testified that a few days before her sister went missing her sister was hit by their father with a “hard stick.”
“She got a whopping,” the girl said.

She also talked about an earlier incident where she herself was abused after wetting the bed.

She said her father put her wet underwear into her mouth, so forcibly it hurt.

“I was screaming and then they went in my mouth,” she said.
Investigators have said they think Bianca Jones was already dead before she was put into her car seat in the car that was allegedly stolen.

The sister shared a bedroom and Il’Andra said she never heard her sister that night and that her sister was covered when they got into the car the next morning.

An FBI contractor that works with a cadaver dog ( Martin Grime)said the dog ( MORSE)signaled positive for decomposition in Bianca’s bedroom, on her blanket and car seat and in Lane’s car.
The 2-year-old is still more