Thursday, April 26, 2012

#McCann Case : Dr.Gonçalo Amaral - The British Want It Their Way - ONLY Abduction by A Stranger.

Maddie: English police wants to "impose abduction theory"

26 April 2012 | Posted by astro

In an interview to TVI, Gonçalo Amaral defends the reopening of the process, but without limits

Gonçalo Amaral defended that the investigation process into the disappearance should be reopened, yet adds that the English police wants the reopening, but with the imposition of limiting the investigation to the abduction theory.

"They speak about sightings, about visions by mediums. A lot of things have been produced over the years and well produced and therefore the English police has to pass the ball to the Portuguese police and we are left with the onus and the expense of investigating. It is important to reopen the process, nobody should doubt that, but to reopen the process without limitations, the way they want to limit us", the former Judiciary Police inspector explained.

"They want to impose an abduction", he stated in an interview to TVI.

Gonçalo Amaral further said that the fault of not knowing what happened to Maddie yet is ours. "It's been five years and we still do not know what happened to this child and it is our fault. The fault of our justice system, of our Attorney General who allowed this investigation to be shelved", he said, justifying the fact because we are "Portuguese and they are English, we are small and they are big. That is waht is happening."

"The investigation was never allowed to arrive at an end", he stressed, admitting that he has no doubt that there was political pressure.

Concerning what happened to the English girl, Gonçalo Amaral stated that he has his opinion. "In my opinion, she is dead."

Lastly, the former inspector further accused the Judiciary police of internally persecuting his colleagues that remain by his side.