Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Missing #CaleighHarrison : Mom Inconsistant About Caleigh's Last Moments. - Yet The Media Are NOT Asking The Hard Questions - We Can No Longer Take The Softly Softly Approach With Parents Who Lie About Their Missing Children !

Article by Chelsea Hoffman

Was she abducted? Read the offender profile!

The disappearance of two-year old Caleigh Harrison occurred on Thursday afternoon at a beach in Rockport, Mass. Her story has quickly gained national attention but it's apparent that this story may not have a positive ending. The theories in this disappearance all lead to the child  being dead and that's completely unfortunate. However, it's important to focus on finding her so as to either close the case or see to an investigation into what happened to her. The following post is my brief profile of the case along with some material I've come across during my research. Some of this stuff is not being discussed in the media.

This case is indeed tragic, but it appears that the numerous reports of the missing child have included a slew of details that seem ominous. Police have claimed that they are not ruling anything out, including foul play or abduction, but some more recent comments made by detectives appear to lean more toward a foul play scenario -- and that's a shame.
“The search of the area, the ocean, the land has not turned up Caleigh so we have to assume that foul play is potential,” said Daid Procopio, Mass. State Police Spokesperson. 
 It's apparent that the four-year old sister of the missing two-year old did in fact talk to police but wasn't able to provide them with anything of substance. Why? If Caleigh Harrison was playing with her mother and sister at the beach, wouldn't the child have seen something, anything at all? Police have not appeared to alert anyone publicly about the potential of a child abductor, so perhaps the sister didn't see anything pertaining to that particular theory?....read more