Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cameron PR Stunt...executed as planned.

AND this is why the McCanns are being 'escorted' to Portugal...it was all a big show to imply the case was being reviewed , re-opened call it what you like. The McCanns have defamed Portugal and like the cowards they are, fleeing the country when made suspects ,have asked for police protection while they tell their 'story' and plug their book.  Cameron dances to the tune of MURDOCH and has truly sold his soul. The McCanns main concern though, they seem to be in a little bit of trouble along with their Portuguese lawyer if they indeed have destroyed Amarals books. A nice friendly bobby on their side might just be what the doctor ordered if they are met with a writ from the lawyer of Amaral.

Oddly enough we have had two warnings this week from the most unlikely of places that a hoax by the Goverment was about to take place.

1)Lord Toby Harris wrote on his blog about the DEATH of Madeleine...the article sat there for most of the day. I have a screen shot but will place a clearer image when I return.

2) The TELEGRAPH also printed 'Kate almost committed suicide after the DEATH of Madeleine'  withdrawing the article BUT not before it was screen shot . See link. The TELEGRAPH would not make such a gaff and  maybe they are tired of the McCann circus as the rest of us.

BUT some have tried this week who have been appalled by 'Camerons plan' to get the message out there and for that we must give thanks.

Madeleines DEATH: Lord Toby harris

Madeleines DEATH: the Telegraph

UPDATE: Sir Peter Tapsell: Investigation into the abduction or MURDER of Madeleine.