Saturday, May 14, 2011

Disturbing paragraph in Kate McCanns book...

I intend to do a full review once I’ve finished reading it but right now I feel I need to say something. Before buying the book I had been warned that there are elements in it of a somewhat distasteful nature, but nothing prepared me for the shock I received when I got to a particular paragraph on page 129, the nature of which I can’t share here. I simply can’t bring myself to repeat the words and I’ll have to leave it to the individual to make up their own mind when they eventually read it themselves or perhaps leave the whole idea alone.

Having said that, should anyone feel they have the stomach to view the exact wording; some brave soul has photocopied and highlighted the offending sentence. Personally, if you’re anything like me and Mr Morsal, then you may wish you hadn’t read it. Go to the
link with caution.

 But anyway, I was so shocked I had to share it with Mr Morsal whose immediate reaction was to say to me:

“I wish you hadn’t told me that. I don’t think I needed to hear that, and quite frankly I now don’t believe the book was written by a parent. I think the person that wrote those words has to be mentally and emotionally completely detached from the very idea of that little girls suffering. What may or may not have happened to a child who is, as far as anyone is concerned, simply missing and in Kate’s own words (once upon a time) “I hope they’re treating her like a princess” so for someone now to put something like that in print, the kind of thing that you would relate to the sickest minds in society, is just beyond belief and I cannot believe that a parent’s mind could even go there.”

Graphic: Louis turner