Monday, May 16, 2011

From the book.....Madeleine

Kate now ...believes that Madeleine was sedated the day she was taken and was excessively tired when putting her to bed that night, apparently friends had seen the kids club on the beach that day and Madeleine wasnt with them but was there when Kate picked her up and the friend had later mentioned it but the PJ never looked into it!
Here lies the lies...Kate and Gerry McCanns police witness statements for
May 4th 2007...NOTE no mention of sedation.....HOWEVER, it weighed heavy on the mind of Fiona Payne and she told the police she found it ODD Kate kept putting her hand in front of the twins faces, checking their breathing and the fact they did not wake with so much noise.....Fiona, is she now happy with Kates explanation?

Graphic: Louis Turner