Monday, May 16, 2011

MURDOCH the pimp: Pimping for the McCanns

Kate & Gerry McCann
in Maddie video bid

Published: Today [16th May 2011]

KATE and Gerry McCann have launched a series of video messages they hope will lead to abducted daughter Madeleine.

And they want YOU to help by ensuring the clips "go viral" around the world.

The first two in the series can be seen below.

Video: The night Maddie was taken [VIDEO in link above]

EXCLUSIVE: Kate and Gerry McCann relive the night their daughter Madeleine disappeared

Sun Exclusive

One film shows Kate, 43, recalling with tears in her eyes the night Madeleine vanished from a Portugal holiday flat.

In another Gerry, 42, describes his "bright, funny, energetic" daughter. The McCanns, of Rothley, Leics, hope the clips, created by Emma Loach, daughter of film-maker Ken, will spark new leads.

Video: The McCann family four years later [VIDEO in link above]

EXCLUSIVE: Madeleine's brother and sister have still not lost hope

Sun Exclusive

Last week marked Madeleine's eighth birthday - and an open letter from the McCanns to PM David Cameron persuaded him to ask the Met to review the evidence into her 2007 abduction.

Kate's new book, titled Madeleine, is topping the bestseller charts after being serialised in The Sun.

The couple hope the films, each around three minutes, will boost the campaign and remind people Madeleine remains missing but "findable".