Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kate McCann KNOWS what the maid saw ..this woman is some piece of work.

It appears we are now working from her witness statement, the maid as we know so the cots in seperate rooms  and a mussed bed but the mussed bed was under the window where Madeleine slept. Kate needed to explain why this bed was used and not the bed they claim Madeleine was taken from.....this is one evil woman. Kate does not explain why she moved the cot from their room and Gerry may just as well have called the maid a liar. This was to imply ALL three children slept together, when this was clearly not the case.

Will link maids witness statement as soon as I find it.

In the parents' room there was a cot and in the other room, the room that Madeleine was said to have disappeared from, there was one cot and two beds, one of which had not been slept in.

Graphic. Louis Turner