Sunday, July 3, 2011

Proposed Novena for Madeleine and the McCanns ...Janet Kennedy (Kate McCann's aunt)

Proposed Novena for Madeleine and the McCanns
(extract from an email to Fr. David Myers)

"....There are parallels in the misjudgement and persecution of Antonio Rosmini and the treatment of Kate and Gerry McCann as they try to alert European ministers to the scandal of child trafficking carried on with ease as there is no  cross-border system  of early warning about abductions.  I feel that the Rosminian family  praying together both for Madeleine's return and the success of Kate and Gerry's efforts would be a tremendous source of strength to them.   Keith Tomlinson, our parish priest, even remarked to me last Sunday that perhaps praying for Madeleine's safe return would ensure the second miracle required for Bd. Antonio's " causa sanctitatis "!  We can but earnestly pray. ....."

Janet Kennedy (Kate McCann's aunt)

Novena Prayer

  Novena to Blessed  Antonio Rosmini

Lord, we pray that you look with favour on the cause of your servant, Antonio Rosmini.  In your loving kindness please remember his total faith and abandonment to Divine Providence, his love of Holy Mother Church and his boundless works of charity as he laboured tirelessly here on earth in union with your son, Jesus, in all things.  Grant us the grace, which we ask through his intercession, to have his sanctity revealed to us.  Most Holy Mother of Sorrows, to whom Rosmini consecrated his Institute of Charity, we beg you to intercede with your Son, our Lord, to hear our humble prayers,  Amen.

We pray that Antonio Rosmini will act on our behalf  praying with us as we earnestly ask that Our Lord, to whom each child is so precious,  will return dear Madeleine to her family.

Our Father

Hail Mary

Glory be to the Father

Please say this prayer (if possible between 7.00 am and 8.00 am)
starting on Tuesday 1st July, ending on 10th July 2008

For further information please contact Teresa Gamble on   07738800226