Friday, July 1, 2011

Smearing Criminal profiler Pat Brown will not clear the McCanns

I have no idea who MURATFAN is, nor do I wish to. However, I notice the hatred in his words and am somewhat bemused as to his claim that the Madeleine Foundation do not want Madeleine found. Bemused because he claims to support Madeleines parents and yet does not ask the questions on everyones lips.

1) Why did Kate refuse to answer questions that were to enable the police to find Madeleine. Has MURATFAN never wondered this himself.

2) MURATFAN has he no interest as to why the McCanns have not returned to Portugal to do the reconstruction.  If  this case is to be solved a reconstruction must take place. I ask therefore why is MURATFAN not suggesting to the McCanns to hurry things along and go to the PJ and beg to let them carry out a reconstruction so Madeleine may be found ? 

3) Smearing Pat Brown will not find Madeleine or does MURATFAN think it will, if he does please explain how .

4) I suggest those who support the McCanns ask them why not start a petition asking PJ to let the entire group return of their own free will to prove Madeleine was abducted. OR is there a problem with that  ?

5) Abuse  on the internet, insults, PR stunts, using small children to hand out leaflets will NEVER clear the McCanns of being suspects in their daughters death ONLY a court of law can set them free.

6) McCann supporters , ask the parents why they moved a cot from their room and then lied about it .