Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#DavidBrett :Submission (Requested) To 10 Downing Street Re The India Incident

The first time I have posted photographs of any of the protagonists here. This is because, for the first time extant of child neglect, I AM accusing--the theory being that, having now publicly received two differing accounts of the alleged event in Leh, India, BOTH accounts cannot possibly be true, which means that one of the parties is telling blatant lies. This in mind, I have spoken to several members of the Indian police, both the Leh and Jammu-Kashmir Divisions, and their account of the event matches the statements given to the British press and Sky News. Therefore we must decided WHO is lying--sworn-in officers of the law, including a Chief of Police, or a spokesman who holds the unprecedented position of representing a couple whose child is missing. This in mind, I was requested to submit TWO separate petitions for investigation--one to the British Prime Minister, and another to the Chief of Police with the  Jammu-Kashmir-Division:

Dear Mr Cameron/ Sh. Vivek Gupta IPS,

Alleged Sighting of Madeleine McCann In Leh, India

This matter concerns me greatly. The Kashmiri Tribune published a story by Jupinderjit Singh, stating that a child, along with her parents, had been "apprehended" by three citizens in Leh, India, and a DNA test commissioned. Furthermore her parents (the McCanns) are said to have been contacted with photographic evidence. This was followed up in the UK papers, while the Leh Chief of Police denied the event had taken place, or that there were photos or DNA tests.
I feel that questions should be raised why this hoax occurred, how the story came about which was clearly made up, and importantly why--also, the involvement of Mr Clarence Mitchell, who I am led to believe no longer represents the McCanns.
Both accounts of this story cannot be accurate, and I feel this matter needs to be fully investigated and made public. It is the public, after all, who has raised vast amounts to help find this child.
Sincerely, and in anticipation with thanks, etc, duly signed.... 1/8/11