Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#McCanns HOAX in India must not be allowed to die.


The McCanns do not have the power, MURDOCH does. Amazon Kindle explaining with a small note to Pat Brown WITHOUT a court order , pulled Pats book, 'defamatory' whined the McCanns....Page 129 dreaming of Madeleine's perfect torn genitals , words Kate wishes Maddies siblings to read... OK by Amazon Kindle ???. MURDOCH is big business for Amazon Kindle and yes they would have pulled Pats book, because they are afraid...Carter Ruck are the lapdogs for the MURDOCH Empire. The disgraced John Yates now using the 'dodgy' lawfirm himself to sue newspapers who dared to accuse him of not doing a good job the first time round over hackgate ? Thats not libel YATES thats the truth!

We now come back to the Indian sighting, another country where MURDOCH has a very strong foothold in the media industry and an alleged reply from Jupinderjit Singh his explanation claiming to have been an 'eye witness' makes little sense.

I have once again spoken with Scotland Yard this morning and my concerns over Clarence Mitchell, his blatant lies, also Mr.Singh , his response, if indeed it is his response seeming to want to smear the police of his own coutry. I have been told that if I wish to make an offical complaint against Mitchell I must do  so in writing, I am prepared to do this and just to be clear how serious I am, my cousin now retired, used to work for the MET and this morning for the first time I have mentioned his name, not a name dropper by nature but we all know how Mitchell likes to accuse those who dare to ask what happened to Madeleine as 'nutters' well I am no nutter as my cousin will confirm.