Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amarals fault the diaries were published !

Kate whines: 'Transcripts of my diary for May to July 2007 had been splashed across five pages of the News of the World and I’d known nothing whatsoever about it. '

The coverage was presented in a sympathetic way – in fact, some friends and family assumed the diary had been published with my blessing – but that was hardly the point.

We all know Kate allowed the diaries to be published, she had hoped to make a cool million but what she did not count on was the backlash. Kate McCann, is despised but believes to this day she is loved. She wants our pity so in turn we will give her our money...her haggard looks are not the looks of a woman who has lost a child , they are the deep etched lines from lies and deceit, her smile twisted ,with the evil that lives inside her.

 'Anyone with any decency understands that a diary is private and very personal to whoever wrote it. And as everyone knew, May to July 2007 had been an extremely traumatic period for me.'

Anyone with any' decency 'wrote Kate, decency, Kate does not know the meaning of the word. Where was her decency when she and her greed wanted to make a movie  eight months after Maddies demise, it was only the publics revulsion that made her pull back.

Kate drones on 'It didn’t take me long to figure out what had happened. After taking away my journals in August 2007, the PJ had had them translated into Portuguese. To my horror, back in July excerpts had already been published in a pro-Amaral newspaper in Portugal – just three days after the launch of the former officer’s offensive book. Now that version had been sold or given to the News of the World and translated back into English. I knew only too well from my interviews with the PJ how words and meanings could get lost in translation, and it was obvious this was what had occurred here.

‘I was really upset’ had become ‘I was fed up’, ‘I never felt that relaxed’ became ‘I’d never felt so relaxed’, and so on. Most of it, though, consisted of my thoughts and messages from the heart to Madeleine. I felt as though I’d been mentally raped.

Two days later, I discovered from the PJ files that on 27 June 2008 an investigating judge, Pedro Frias, had ordered the destruction of all copies of my diary, on the basis that it was not of interest to the investigation, it was a personal document and its use would be a violation of the person to whom it belonged. Why, then, had this order not been complied with?
And who had given this material to the media? We had a pretty good idea.'

Kate , careful not to libel herself but makes the point and leaves the reader in no doubt by first mentioning the fact the diary was published in a PRO -AMARAL newspaper, the blame she lays squarley at the feet of Amaral.

FOOTNOTE:  Kate made no attempt to sue the PJ, the PRO AMARAL newspaper or AMARAL himself. For some reason no one can understand the spineless British media  are helping the McCanns play their morbid macabre game with the blessing of the British Goverment !

The diaries once again were a PR stunt the News of the World part of MURDOCH's empire and we all know about Murdoch and his smearing of Goncalo Amaral via the SUN.