Friday, July 1, 2011

Amanda Oosterbaan aged 14 a McCann TROLL on the loving parents FACEBOOK ,has left a message for the McCanns..she is 'stirring it up on TWITTER now:)'

Wulagi resident Amanda Oosterbaan, 14, is still obsessed with the Madeleine McCann case, 1000 days after the little British girl was reportedly snatched from her holiday home in Portugal.

Amanda sticks to the case of missing Maddy


January 28th, 2010

A TERRITORY teenager says she is "obsessed" about raising awareness of missing child Madeleine McCann.

Amanda Oosterbaan, 14, has devoted her life for the past 12 months to helping find the toddler who disappeared in 2007.

Yesterday marked 1000 days since the disappearance of the little British girl allegedly snatched from her holiday home in Portugal.

Amanda, a Year 9 student at Sanderson Middle School, said she was drawn to the case and could not pinpoint exactly where her interest started.

"I feel that I have to make a difference and do something," she said.

And Amanda has been busy with her awareness campaign.

For the 1000-day anniversary she hung a poster on the front fence of her Wulagi home which read "Bring Back Madeleine McCann".

Amanda said she posts an average of 30 blogs on discussion sites a week, keeps herself informed of all alleged sightings and breaking news developments, has photos of McCann on her MSN page, and carries a collection of photos of McCann with her to show whenever she meets someone new.

"I believe she's still alive," Amanda said. "It just doesn't feel like she's dead. Maybe her life is living hell, but I don't believe she's dead."

Amanda's mum Nadina Cauchi said she had no idea where the interest has come from
Amanda Jayne Kimberley Oosterbaan
Stirring up twitter now :)