Friday, July 1, 2011

The sick mind of Kate McCann

I want to thank everyone that has purchased my book. If you have finished reading it, why not pass it on so someone else can read it and we keep the momentum going with as many people as possible looking for Madeleine. We have a busy weekend planned and we may not be posting, but will be reading. Thank you for caring about our daughter and for continuing to help in the search to bring her home. K. ♥

Hilary Lockett
book upsetting but a good book just goes to show how little police have done ,,which makes me think they are on the take
Dawn Marie Shaw
Has Scotland Yard got any updates yet? I just think its going to be one of them big shock returns...we all wake up to find on new that Madeleine has been found! I still think she in pdl. Either scotland yard or portugese police will say oh we have found her...I still think its got something to do with one of those police officers! Its far to strange how they reacted!
Amanda Jayne Kimberley Oosterbaan
Stirring up twitter now :)
From our friends at Madeleine-Writing the Wrongs.
Today my four year old daughter ‘found’ Madeleine McCann while we were out shopping and I am a very proud mummy. Not because she really did find Madeleine, of course; you would have seen the newsflashes around the world by now if that were the case. I am proud because even though she is only four ye