Friday, June 3, 2011

BBC: And the F. word Gonçalo Amaral did not say.

Is this an apology ?  Time Gonçalo Amaral took action against the spineless British press and their xenophobic reporting. The McCanns and their lack of breeding, unfortunately, have revealed just how racist the British media are and that they are nothing more than a bunch of sheep!

SKYS Martin Brunt and a group of hacks waiting for the McCanns press conference.

ECU Ruling: East Midlands Today, BBC1 (East Midlands), 12 January 2011

Publication date: 30 May 2011

ComplaintThe programme included a brief exchange between a reporter and Gonçalo Amaral (a former policeman who had worked on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and had since written a book on the case). One word in the exchange was bleeped, and the report gave the impression that this was because Sr Amaral had used offensive language about the MrCanns. A viewer complained that this was inaccurate and unfair to Sr Amaral.

 Further actionThe Editor of the programme has discussed the outcome with the producer and reporter involved. In future, the team plans to use interpreters if clips from interviews are unclear.'S+NO+EVIDENCE+MADDIE+IS+DEAD..+WE+WILL+KEEP+LOOKING%3B+DAD'S...-a0216650402

OutcomeThe reporter's belief, reinforced by others on the programme team who viewed the recording, was that Sr Amaral had indeed used an English phrase which included an offensive term applied to the McCanns. On further examination, however, it became clear that Sr Amaral had been speaking Portuguese, and that an inoffensive phrase had been misconstrued. Upheld

The offensive phrase 'misconstrued'  by a sloppy journalist named Mike O' Sullivan. Standing close to McCann outside the Lisbon court with the term one can only use  'sucking up'...he wished to make a home goal and decided off his own bat to smear Gonçalo Amaral. Sullivan asked Gonçalo a question in English and Gonçalo replied in Portuguese, the only language he speaks.  Sullivan not the brightest of journalists but with hatred in his heart accused Mr.Amaral of saying 'Fuck the McCanns'......he of course replied 'Ask the McCanns'....I very much doubt we will see an apology in the press, too xenophobic and not wanting to upset the McCanns, who are still wanted in Portugal to do a reconstruction of the nights events, May 3th....