Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cadaver dogs were not the decision of Gerry McCann.

There seems to be a question on who asked for the cadaver dogs.

KATE McCann had a dream in which she saw the body of missing daughter Madeleine on a hillside above their holiday resort, a court heard yesterday.

And after she told Portuguese cops of the nightmare, they became convinced the little girl had been KILLED rather than abducted.

The McCanns' Portuguese police liaison officer Inspector Ricardo Paiva even called it "the turning point of the investigation".

He said: "She gave me the impression she thought Madeleine was dead." He added police combed the area but found nothing.
Quizzed by the McCanns' lawyer Isabel Duarte, Paiva admitted Kate told him Maddie might be on the hillside as she had seen a lot of cars heading there.

He said sniffer dogs were then brought in from Britain.

Chief Insp Tavares Almeida repeated allegations the dogs found the scent of a body in Maddie's bedroom,(this should read the parents bedroom, the SUN not known for getting their facts straight) the apartment's lounge, the McCanns' hire car and on a piece of clothing in a flat to which they later moved.

Asked how Maddie might have died, he said: "We always spoke of a tragic accidental death, not homicide. The McCanns did not kill her but they hid the body."

Kate wrote:

'Our liaison officer Ricardo Paiva arrived. He told us about two springer spaniels brought out to Portugal by the British police to assist in the search.
Keela, who could alert her handler to the tiniest trace of blood, had done so in apartment 5A. Eddie, a dog trained to detect human remains, had indicated somebody had died there.
The police appeared to be telling us, on the say-so of a dog, that someone had definitely died in apartment 5A and it must have been Madeleine. '