Friday, June 17, 2011

Directors report on' Fund' accounts 31.3.2010

"We have continues to concentrate on ensuring that Madeleiene is not forgotten and that the search for her continues. We have
* provided finance for the team of investigators , including a Portugese speaker, to lead a private search for Madeleinee . The investigation team
continues to progress active lines of enquiry and has unearth new lines of enquiry which are being followed.

* paid for a local rate telephone line in both the U.K. and Portugal, capturing information provided by the general public.

* supported an event ,updating key benefactors on progress with the search for Madeleine whilst raising much needed funds for future work

* continued to pay for legal representation for Madeleiene and her Family in Portugal , enabling them to obtain an injunction banning Mr. Amaral from
repeating his fabricated claims about Madeleiene"s abduction.

* continued to fund the awareness -raising campaign to ensure that Madeleiene is not forgotten , the key part of which is our Website.

* worked in partnership with a specialist Portugese communications Agency to ensure that our message is communicated as widely and accurately
as possible in Portugal

some administrative support to Madeleiene"s family in maintaining the impetus of the investigation,