Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paulo Rebelo arrived in England and the McCanns fled to Brussels !

Working on the thesis the children were not neglected but all together with an adult each evening, or at least seven of them , makes one question why Paulo Rebelo is reported to have said seven, and not eight. Information known only to the investigation. 

One member of the group who babysat the children, taking it in turns as to who would be 'sick' that night , made it impossible for Madeleine to have been abducted !

Paulo Rebelo arrived in England and the McCanns fled the country. Mitchell said  'it is pure coincidence that the McCanns are leaving Britain during the week of the Police interviews'

The Police interviews and what a circus they turned out to be...

The McCanns had a devious plan to disrupt the investigation. This would be the moment a Spanish reporter Nacho Abad, revealed on live television that he had proof the PJ had leaked information from the McCanns files. The 'crying incident' had been born right in the middle of Paulo Rebelos interrogation of the tapas 7.

Nacho Abad, it will come as no surprise to learn, had good contacts with Metodo 3 and of course Clarence Mitchell.

The McCanns including the tapas 7 well aware that Rebelo knew their secret, they had all lied about neglecting their children. John Stalker's comment,  the McCanns and their friends are hiding a big secret, well this was it. 

Rebelo an unknown quantity , the McCanns no longer in control of the investigation, their fear must have been what if Rebelo repeats 'the children were all together'... to the media whilst in England , they would be finished.
Hence the' leaking' of information , once more pushing child neglect.

Rebelo would have realised at this point what he was up against, he packed his bags and returned to Portugal.

Only a confession will solve this crime.