Friday, June 10, 2011

'You were saying Kate'

Paulo Rebelo, many thought had not achieved much but he had achieved so much the McCanns want us to forget all about him and concentrate on Gonçalo Amaral. Spit and venom from the vulgar mouth of Kate McCann toward Amaral. BUT when Rebelo discovered all children were placed together each evening and a member of the group sick each night he concluded there was ' no neglect'....The McCanns moved fast and information they claim was 'leaked 'by  PJ about the children 'crying while left alone.' ...once again pushing the neglect, the McCanns needed the public to accuse them and blame them for leaving their children was vital they did not believe Rebelos theory that all children were together !

The wifeswapping rumour

'According to a retired detective speaking on Portuguese television, Kate and Gerry McCann were 'swingers' who enjoyed wifeswapping with the friends they were on holiday with.'

With all the children together in one apartment each night ,that left a lot of empty rooms available for other 'activity' if the retired detective was correct

'You were saying Kate: Article by Dr.Martin Roberts