Monday, June 13, 2011

Cadaver dog picked up on childs Skull that was to become a coconut.

What better way to disprove the cadaver dogs after the blatant cover up by the British Goverment with regards to the charlaton couple, McCanns. Make a fool of Martin Grime and his cadaver dog..mission accomplished.

However, if the dogs were so' unreliable' how is it that the McCanns do not mention the Jersey child abuse case as an example ?...Kate McCann goes as far as to suggest in her book, if blood was found it may have been the abductors. Is kate then confirming the blood dog was correct but NOT the cadaver?

Martin Grime has been told he is not to discuss the McCann case !

From voiceforchildren
To Ian le Marquand
Date Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 9:35 AM
Subject "Part" 1


After listening to your interview the other day on BBC Radio Jersey where you said there were no "bodies" found at HDLG which is one of the "reasons" the COM's won't be supporting a committee of inquiry I became intrigued, or curious, and hope you can help by answering a few questions for me, so there is no confusion and those dreaded conspiracy theories can be kept at bay?

1. Were you choosing your words carefully when you said there were no "bodies" and not "body parts"

2. Are you in agreement with me that there were numerous juvenile body parts recovered at HDLG?

3. Going by the "evidence" that is in the public domain would you say, on the balance of probabilities that if children weren't murdered at HDLG, child's remains were disposed of up there?

4. What "evidence" are you able to provide to "prove" how a piece of child's skull containing 1.6% collagen (only found in Mammals) can turn into a piece of Coconut?

Kind Regards.
VFC. (End)

I am not expecting a reply to that e-mail because Senator Le Marquand has proved unable or unwilling to answer any questions that involve “proof” and “evidence” especially when it comes to Jar/6 (the skull)

So let’s start with the myths and evidence surrounding the child’s skull (Jar/6) that was recovered at Haute de la Garenne or the “Coconut” as the “accredited” media like to call more