Monday, June 13, 2011

MSN Response to todays latest PR Stunt by Kate McCann.

Comments section:

'When is this shameless woman going to realise how much the public despise her and her husband. They should never be allowed to practice medicine again and be completely ignored. Who goes to parliament on Maddies behalf? Pair of selfish pissheads. Who is minding their other kids or are they left alone as well?'

'I wonder when are we going to see the end of this pair of murdering swindlers!! Instead of parading for more handouts, let the British Government stop protecting them like royalty, restore faith in our legal system, and above all, regain the respect of the world at large by getting to the bottom of this massive fraud and the cover-ups it has initiated. Only then will we have faith in our government and system.
Mr. Cameron, we did vote for you believing you to be unlike your predecessors. Please do not prove us wrong...
G. Brown has used his position to influence Portugal's full investigation of the McCanns. This has left a very bitter taste amongst the Portuguese public towards their "then" President Socrates, and caused him to lose his presidency.'

'You don't know me so keep your "Wee Maddie" opinions to yourself.
You're damn right I don't give a monkeys' whether the kid is dead or alive, I've got more important things going on in my life to worry about.

I hate the McCann "Give, Give, Give" circus, for taking money out of my wage packet.
If you and your ilk are sucked in by the b/s thats been spouted out for the past 4 yrs by these two, then bully for you.
Keep buying their books, sending them money and waving their flags, except I think small minded turds like yourself don't actually donate money do you?'

'I have no sympathy left for this whingeing woman who has acquired an insatiable liking for the lime-light. She seems indifferent to the fact that the overwhelming majority of people in this country despise her. She leaves 3 young children all alone in an apartment in a foreign country while she and her husband go out for a "knees-up" with their pals, then spends the rest of her life complaining that her child has disappeared. The woman is either shameless or mentally ill. Mind you, the Media are equally  to blame for providing her a platform.'