Friday, June 3, 2011

Kate McCanns hatred keeps Gonçalo Amaral safe!

I had made my mind up not to read the' book of deception' I had no interest in reading more of the McCanns lies. However, I paid a visit to Little Morsals blog and was impressed by Sasha's work and the pages of interest she had selected for her research and to me that was the key word 'research'. I did not purchase the book, as there are ways and means to achieve all we desire on the internet.

Kate McCann burns with hatred, she burns so deeply I would imagine it is hard for her to sleep at night . She is a woman capable of great violence, to herself and others, in short she is mentally unstable and needs help.

Not easily shocked, I did however find Kates words very disturbing. Pro-Amaral, what does this mean to Kate,  someone who does not believe her fabricated abduction, so does that mean we are all pro-Amaral ? 

I am dismayed that two people lacking in class and breeding have managed to destroy the faith of anything good in my country while at the same time attempting to destroy our closest ally Portugal, exposing the deep corruption in both Goverments.

The words written by Kate are not the words of a loving mother, Kate has no idea what love is and in return she is unloveable.

 'Since in the main, it had steered clear of the Madeleine 'story'.....Kates words, I had to read them several times to absorb this was her daughter to whom she referred !

'A worrying development'  Control , this woman must be in complete control, if not as she herself has penned,  views them as attacks.

I am very glad that Kate has at last shown her hatred with her own hand I feel this will keep Gonçalo Amaral safe, if anything should happen to GA  , the McCanns will be the first persons of interest.

Kates words:

'On Monday, 7 April 2009, we discovered that a pro-Amaral article had appeared in Público, one of the most respectable newspapers in Portugal. Since it had, in the main, steered clear of the Madeleine ‘story’ and was well regarded by the country’s opinion-formers, this was a worrying development.' 

'I’ve always been considered quite a gentle person but these attacks stirred up terrible emotions in me'