Monday, June 13, 2011

Kerry Needham was not invited to 'Missing persons'

I have now placed Kerry Needham on my McCann victims blog. Kerry was not invited to 'Missing persons' today, reasons as yet unclear or maybe that should read very clear ! Kate McCann did not want her there.

Kerry, when the alleged abduction of Madeleine took place, was very useful to the McCanns and helped their cause by talking about her own suffering. Kerry had only kind words as she spoke of their pain and loss. Also looking back at Kerry's early interviews around May 2007 she was a little uncertain about the Portuguese police force and although she thought they were better than the Greek police they could not be as good as the British. This was fair comment. Although for those who have read the police files will realize the PJ along with the British police force did a sterling job.

Kerry's comments about the PJ went in McCanns favour as by May 5th Gerry was using his sister to report back to England many lies about the police and how 'useless' they were, nothing could have been further from the truth.

Today ,has been a turning point for me and maybe many others. It is now clear as Kate McCann  heads the 'missing person' organization, a position she has no right to hold. The Goverment have decided to continue to protect and allow the McCanns to use the media to exonerate themselves from the involvement in their missing daughter Madeleine. What hold the McCanns have over the Goverment is a mystery, although very unpleasant thoughts flow through my mind.

I can only imagine the hurt and pain Kerry must be feeling today at not being invited to such an important event. I would imagine it was like being five years old again, when all your friends were invited to a party, all that is but you...she must have felt very lonely, lost and I am sure her tears fell as she asked herself why and thought of Ben and her need to know what became of him.

I have no idea if Kerry believes the McCanns abduction story and I am not going to even ask her. I will however leave a small video where it is clear that whatever the McCanns relay to the gullible public through the media, things are not quite as they seem.

Here is Ben Needhams twitter page and I am sure you will be given a warm welcome if you just pop over and say Hi to Kerry and those who help run her find Ben Needham webpage. Also some links from articles with Kerry and how one can see she was used by the Media to push the McCanns alleged abduction for them.!/FindBenNeedham

There is also the question of the GASPAR statement with alleged paedophilia naming David Payne and Gerry McCann...information if the public were to hear would change their view of the McCanns overnight and their FUND would stop.Their fund which is not a charity but a business the entire family live from.Not many people realize this. No one searches for Madeleine ,it is a lie.

The MCCANNS and why they were made ARGUIDOS