Sunday, June 12, 2011

Profiler Pat Brown discusses Casey Anthony , many traits apply to Kate McCann

I am also placing this here because many times we have tried to understand the McCanns and we cannot. Pat explains, don't waste your time and here's why.This IS Kate McCann. Little wonder the British media are giving this case a wide birth !

'So, I don't know how Casey Anthony got to be a psychopath, but there she is-lying, manipulating, ignoring how others feel, seeking constant attention, and wanting to have her way all the time. She exhibits the hallmarks of psychopathy; total narcissism and complete lack of empathy for anyone else, including her own daughter. When she does act like she cares, she is doing just that: acting. This is a recognizable trait of a psychopath that Casey exhibits because one can see how quickly she can change mood or expression.'