Monday, April 9, 2012

Gerry #McCann And Shrien #Dewani CLONES In Manipulation .

It is incredible how much these two evil men are alike. Manipulative, arrogant and unbelievable to understand how the Court , Dewani's medics and defence team believe every word he speaks without question. Just like Gerry,' Madeleine was abducted because I say so' and the elite believed !

All the claims reported are based entirely on what Dewani says, and seem to be believed by his doctors without any scepticism whatever.

If the prosecution don't get a grip Dewani will walk and the chilling words of Lee Rainbow will haunt us all from another time, another place 'Gerry McCann must be investigated, we may be looking at a homicide'...We know with Anni we ARE looking at a homicide, the McCanns slipped through the net let's hope Dewani for the sake of Anni's family does not.