Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#McCann : The Carpenters Statement Has NOT been Released.

I have the deepest respect for HideHo , her videos , her blog and her fight for justice for little Maddie, the same goes for Jill Havern's blog and all those that post there, I was therefore interested to learn what HideHo had to say this morning. Again forums are great for debate but sometimes little golden nuggets escape those who are not members, such as this.

Quote from HideHo

It's blatantly obvious that the timeline given by T9 for that hour or more would not fit with what the police already know.

The Carpenter's statements are referred to in the files but have not been released. The Irwins were there at the tapas at the same time and there is little doubt imo that they were also interviewed, as well as other portions of statements from, possibly, waiters etc.

Without access to those statements and the content, the McCanns and tapas 7 do not know what the police know from those other statements and cannot put together a contrived timeline reconstruction prior to re-enacting it in PdL

There may be a statement from someone in reception with comments about their comings and goings that night (or any other time).

The McCanns can only work with what they know...and thats not enough.

With a reconstruction, the police are giving them the opportunity to explain their activity that night to eliminate the accusations, but I doubt the T9 would see it that way for obvious reasons.