Thursday, April 5, 2012

#McCann: #KarenMatthews And The Sedating Of Children.

During one of the McCann interviews Gerry asked a question, he said 'and if she had died why would we hide her body '  ?.....sedation has swirled around this case from the very beginning, long before the couple became arguidos.  Fiona Payne in her statement puzzled as to why Kate kept checking the twins breathing and astonished they did not wake during so much noise the evening of May 3rd !

For the McCanns their reputation is all that matters. A reason to hide a body would be for something that is not socially acceptable and drugging your child certainly comes under that category. A simple domestic accident resulting in death would still require a PM and who knows what would have shown up. Karen Matthews drugged her child for years , the evidence found in Shannon's very long hair, Madeleine too had long hair . Pat Brown picked up very quickly on Kate's bizarre invention of an abductor entering the apartment the previous evening , May 2nd and drugging all three toddlers , forgetting had this happened Maddie would have told her mother.  - Is there evidence in the secret PJ files of sedation ?