Monday, April 2, 2012

#McCann: Kate McCann Has Found Herself A Pimp For 'madeleine'.

During the latest Swedish simpering interview the host questioned Kate Healy on things  mother earth really was tired of hearing, she sighed, she simpered and puckered her lips 'of course I have persecuted myself' .  Then when questioned again about Madeleine , after all that is what they were there for,  right ? a whinging ,pleading and what sounded very desperate voice said ' please please read my book'.....should the script not have read please, please help me find my daughter, I dream about her torn genitals, my life is a nightmare without her  ?

I wonder how many times the McCanns have 'mistakenly ' counted two thousands pounds short of 5 thousand . Are they also duping members of the fund ?

The book 'madeleine ' now  pimped on the internet . How much lower will their greed force them to sink ? 

Five years later,  I am stunned more today than ever before at the evil these two have created between them, at how they can still abuse their own daughter with this macabre hoax.

Kate was her mother for god sake !