Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#McCann And The Internet Bullies They Entice.

Those who claim they are McCann supporters are certainly not Madeleine supporters, for if they were they would question why the McCanns have not returned to Portugal for the reconstruction.

Speaking of which, the types that the McCanns seek out to defend their indefensible behaviour are the most foul mouthed, vulgar individuals I have ever come across. Internet bullies, some of whom oddly enough now confirm that yes the cadaver dogs were correct , at least about Kate's clothing, she had spent time with dead bodies before her holidays. Time for a trip back to H.Q .surely ? 

Claudia Boerner, a  German model fell victim to the kind of people the McCanns are content to be associated with, bullies that are a mirror image of the fraudulent couple , now dead , a suicide. 

Her Facebook page displays many of Ms Borner's modelling photos and says she is in a relationship
German Come Dine With Me contestant Claudia Boerner, who committed suicide after internet trolls mocked her fake breasts
Friendly and open-minded: Shocked friends paid tribute to Ms Boerner, who became upset at nasty comments about her appearance

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2127258/Model-Claudia-Boerner-German-Come-Dine-With-Me-kills-internet-troll-abuse.html#ixzz1rfgAoOnY