Saturday, April 14, 2012

McCan Case :Distraction - Whaling On The Bed - Or Whaling On The Pants The Smith's Saw - Beige Pants With Buttons?

The Smith's described beige pants with buttons worn by the man with chld. Did McCann quickly change his pants before the police arrived after he returned from his abductor act , and in a hurry throw them on the bed ? The third rate acting you are about to see is far from grief it is to distract the officers. Still Image taken after the play acting you will notice the beige pants have been removed from the bed. Interesting!

Video by HideHo.

During the bed drama did they gather up the pants between them and hide them after all they were expecting a large group of people to come forward the following day ( the Smiths) claiming to have seen Madeleine in the arms of her abductor , a man wearing cream pants with buttons exactly like the pair the officers saw splayed across the bed of the room the children slept in. It must have been the childrens room as Matt Oldfield had already told us the room he was checking , the room the children were in that night for some reason was in fact the parents room. The cots were simply used as playpens, a place to keep the twins safe when in the apartment ,they were never meant for them to sleep in and explains why they were in separate rooms.

You will also notice the McCanns have removed what looks like a length of flex or cable on the right side of the first image. Hmmmm I wonder what that was used for !

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Matt Oldfield Gaffe !