Sunday, April 1, 2012

#McCann #AliayahLunsford And Maddie McCann - Alleged Abductions Were Just Cuckoos In The Nest ?

Gerry admitted, "but Madeleine is as close to the perfect child as ...

Gerry has commented that Madeleine was 'Close' to the perfect child..

So Madeleine when born was not perfect, what parent would make such a remark ? she had  five fingers and five toes, to any normal parent their first child is the most perfect , the most beautiful baby in the world.  But Madeleine came with a defect,  in Ireland they call it a 'cat's eye' the medical term is Coloboma.

Hoax abduction of little Aliayah Lunsford.

FBI agents do not think she was kidnapped from the home and likely knows that the mother (and possibly father) are involved.  Aliayah was a battered and unwanted child; said to be a pariah, even among her siblings, alone and unloved in the world.

Madeleine McCann a cuckoo In the nest ? and when she was gone her dad was so happy left alone with his perfect twins  , is that how it was ?

Please sign the petition and let us somehow someway find the truth and let this child rest in peace.