Friday, April 13, 2012

#McCann Case : Diane Downs And The McCanns Bizarre ' Amused' Behaviour - Are Traits Of A Narcissist Sociapath.

Nine months after the shooting Downs was pregnant.

Eight months after the McCanns simulated an abduction they were talking movie deals while suspects in the disappearance/death of their daughter Madeleine ! One narcissist sociapathic trait is believing you are a superior being, above all others and there really are no feelings of remorse.


Editor, 24 Horas'
They are criticised for having displayed a cold and calculating attitude throughout this process. You can see already after the kidnapping Kate McCann appeared on a veranda in front of the journalists crying purposefully.

And we interpreted this as a performance for the media, and this made us feel some sort of discomfort.

Gerry McCanns smirk when asked about credible sightings

Years later Diane Downs STILL maintains her innocence and continues to fabricate her storyline with amused lips.