Sunday, April 15, 2012

McCann Case : Diane Downs - Documentary / Movie - Small Sacrifices. Compare This Woman's Behaviour With The Behaviour Of The McCanns - In Gonçalo Amaral's - The Truth Of The Lie.

The Truth Of The Lie Part One. We are not looking at the crimes. Clearly both are quite different. What we are looking at is the way ALL three fabricated and simulated their crime scene , crime scenes that never happened. The trio invented a third party for their 'storyline' the McCanns an abductor without a face (this would later change) and in the Downs case a shooter with bushy hair. We are looking at the need for media attention ,showing up everywhere to tell their story, they need for you to see it their way. It is very important that you listen and do not question what they are telling you, question them and they become  aggresive , we have witnessed this with Gerry McCann when questioned about Madeleines blood found in the apartment. Elaine Downs became aggresive when she started to realize no one believed her story.  AND yes they just cannot SHUT UP.

Small Sacrifices Part 2   Elaine Downs

The Truth Of The Lie Part 2 . It is very hard to imagine why 7 people who must by now realize the McCanns both have mental disorders still do not come forward and go to the police. The group need to think of the twins and not their selfish reputations, those children in that atmosphere are going to grow up into two very disturbed individuals.

Small Sacrifices Part 3

The timing : Elaine Downs made damn sure she was pregnant, she knew she was going to be charged. The pregnancy, was used in court to try and gain sympathy. No mother would harm a child if she was pregnant, she loved kids , right ?

The timing : Eight months after Madeleine's 'disappearance' the McCanns were talking American Movies, both arguidos, suspects in the disappearance /death of their daughter Maddie. A movie was to be made to set the parents in the best light possible, they loved their kids they would not harm them , right ? The backlash from the British public was brutal, revulsion even from the media , what did the McCanns think they were doing ?. The movie talk soon ended.

The Truth Of the Lie Part 3

Small Sacrifices Part 4 - Final Part.

The Truth Of The Lie Part 4

The final two parts of Gonçalo Amarals 'The Truth of the Lie 'may be viewed here at this link

More disturbing viewing on the McCanns and Elaine Downs may be viewed her.

I leave you with one final thought - Is this the reaction of any normal parent who has told the world their child was snatched by a paedophile ? Is this the reaction of any normal parent who has lost their child for whatever reason and under whatever circumstances to laugh and find it amusing? Diane Downs would think so.

Desire for the media is such fun , look how they are enjoying the moments before filming begins 

All of 4 seconds they are in their usual sitting positions arms entwined, stop laughing OK lets go !

Kate composes herself for interview from smiley to serious (and holding Gerry's arm) in just 4 seconds - watch from 0.50 to 0.54 seconds 

Footage with thanks from the Jill Havern Forum