Sunday, April 1, 2012

#McCann : Video - #Sweden T.V. - A Clear Case Of Lies

Bewteen the huffing, puffing, sighing, lying and libeling the Portugues Police, the final summary gets a mention and the usual mantra ' there is no evidence Madeleine has come to any harm and it clearly states no way are we involved'. Does it, does it really ? The McCanns clearly hope that no one has read the fine print where it clearly states the McCanns have NOT been found innocent in the disappearance/death of their daughter. And a few of those reasons are Kate refusing to answer 48 questions plus the entire group refusing to return for the vital reconstruction to prove abduction. Last but not least cadaver dogs picked up on items ONLY belonging to the McCanns. McCann's lawyers had an explanation for this, Kate had spent the previous week with six dead patients. Madeleines toy Cuddle Cat had the scent of death, this also easily explained away, Kate had taken the soft toy to work with her and it was transference from those dead bodies that the dogs picked up on.

However, we still wait for Kate to tell us why she spent time fooling around behind the sofa , hiding in her wardrobe and  laying in a small garden patch under the apartment window. We still wait to hear Kate's response on whether or not she took a small red T shirt to work with her and was she wearing the same clothes at work without ever having washed them while she was in contact with so many dead bodies working her l 1/2 day shift at surgery ......on holiday ?
(all of these items cadaver dog eddie 'hit ' on )

This 'explanation' from Kate's lawyers has never been proven or backed up with facts!

AND if all of that was not enough to cast suspicion on Maddie's parents, we have Gerry McCann's missing sports bag, large enough to remove a small dead child from Apartment 5A.

For those who have missed the fine print ,here it is in the LARGE PRINT

We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified.

In short this means the McCanns are STILL the prime suspects in the disappearance/death of their daughter Madeleine.

I ask you therefore to please sign the petition so the McCann fund may be investigated, there is clear evidence of fraud taking place.