Wednesday, April 11, 2012

McCann Case : Diane Downs - Just Like The McCanns A Narcissist Sociopath - Believing She Is Superior To ALL Others - An Attention Seeker.

Diane Downs shot her three children then fabricated an elaborate story which she told to the police , she even described the shooter. Gonçalo Amaral is not a rogue police officer he was serious in his work and it is clear the abduction was not believed from the outset, the same way the police did not believe Diane Downs.

The two crimes very different but the two women very much alike , cold, calculating, lacking in emotion as Pedro Tadeu Editor of 24 Hours discovered when around Kate McCann , crocodile tears on the veranda for the media made him feel very uncomfortable.

The detective in the video you are about to see had the same feelings on Diane Downs who told the police her children had been shot by a 'Bushy Haired' stranger.

Leaving here Pat Brown's excellent profile on Kate McCann and as the detective agrees in the video along with Criminal Profiler Pat,  narcissists just don't know when to SHUT UP.

Also comments from those the McCanns could not control.


Association of Police Investigators
We have uncooperative witnesses who don't collaborate. The McCaans and the friends, the people who were there who clearly aren't collaborating with the investigation.


Crime reporter, 'Diario de Noticias'
Information started circulating from sources connected to the Portuguese police that the story was full of holes from the side of the McCanns and their friends. Indeed within two days of Madeleine disappearing, this crime correspondent was filing this piece in the Portuguese Daily: Diario of the Noticias: "Headline: a badly told story." We started to receive information according to which the police suspected the theory they had apprehensions, didn't believe the theory that she had been kidnapped. To conclude, the police started to suspect the parents from the word go.


Editor, 24 Horas'

They are criticised for having displayed a cold and calculating attitude throughout this process. You can see already after the kidnapping Kate McCann appeared on a veranda in front of the journalists crying purposefully.

And we interpreted this as a performance for the media, and this made us feel some sort of discomfort.