Thursday, April 12, 2012

McCann Case : McCann Fraud Extended To Germany.


Today we received a message to the site from a German donor. This person made a small donation like many others. How many more donors are filled with disgust at the McCann’s failure to address simple questions about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann? What is it going to take before the McCanns and their fraudulent fund come clean and start addressing some very important questions posed by both the police and the general public? Who is protecting these child neglectors and why?
Here is the message to the site;
Hi from Germany!
I paid 5 GBP by PayPal. At this point of time I really thought, they were actually interested in searching for Madeleine and not just to collect money and hoard it for a good life to fourth. It is their moral obligation to all donors, to open the expenditure of funds.
This is the PayPal proof of payment. It is not much but it came from the heart and unfortunately landed directly in their wallets.
So, if you need my help to get them, tell me what I can more

McCann attempt at fleecing LIVERPOOL

And what of KEVIN HALLIGEN - Have the McCanns' fleeced the fund blaming Halligen ?